Introducing Greenwood V2

The Interest Rate Optimizer for Borrowers

Greenwood V2 reduces the interest that crypto borrowers pay on their loans by automatically borrowing from the lending protocol with the lowest instantaneous APR.

Disclaimer; Greenwood V2 is currently unaudited. If you choose to interact with our smart contracts, please do so with the understanding that your assets are at risk of being lost.

Winter is coming

Three months ago we released our experimental alpha, an automated market maker for cryptocurrency interest rate swaps on Ethereum. The purpose of our alpha was to provide a way for crypto borrowers to turn their existing Compound Finance loans into fixed-rate loans. This experiment taught us a lot about lending protocols and their users, but more importantly, it revealed to us how underserved crypto borrowers are. During the extended DeFi summer, we saw the emergence of numerous protocols designed to optimize APY for crypto lenders, many of which have gained significant traction. However, similar protocols have yet to emerge for crypto borrowers, which actually makes sense. Why would anyone care about minimizing the APR on their loans when they’re getting 1,000,000% APY on hotdogs and kimchi?

As yields inevitably normalize, and yield optimization strategies become more complex, the utility provided by Greenwood V2 becomes clear. You can increase APY by reducing APR if your yield optimization strategy requires borrowing.

One small step for borrowers, one giant leap for DeFi

Greenwood V2 Phase 1 (GV2P1) is the first step in a four-phase journey that will deliver the most robust borrowing protocol to Ethereum’s DeFi community. GV2P1 introduces a set of smart contracts designed to borrow from Aave V2 or Compound, depending on which lending protocol has the lowest instantaneous APR. This means that people, dApps, and smart contracts can borrow crypto at the lowest interest rate in DeFi without having to compare or compute interest rates themselves.

Each phase will build on top of the last. Some phases will port traditional financial tools to Ethereum, while others will introduce novel functionality that is only possible on-chain.

The ability to borrow at the lowest instantaneous APR may be a small step for borrowers, but a protocol dedicated to optimizing the demand side of the lending market is a giant leap for DeFi.

GV2P1 Borrow View

The future of France

Our mission with Greenwood V2 is simple and familiar; optimize and micro-manage borrower APR so that you don’t have to do it manually. If you’re ready to see for yourself how we are bringing this functionality to DeFi, you can access Greenwood V2 at If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to send us a message on Twitter @GreenwoodLabs, join our Discord, or email us at

We’re hiring!

Today our team is small, but we are ready to grow. If you are interested in architecting, implementing, operating, and supporting a protocol that will transform one of the most important segments in DeFi please send us an email at We would love to meet you!

One more thing…

We are pleased to announce that we have raised $2 million in Seed funding led by Polychain Capital with participation from Blockchain Capital, Robot Ventures, and Divergence Ventures along with individual contributions from Ricky Li, Stani Kulechov, and others. Our investors and advisors provide our team with access to deep expertise across the domains of engineering, economics, finance, operations, and more which we will leverage to deliver on our mission of reducing costs for crypto borrowers.

The best is yet to come.

Greenwood is an automated market maker for cryptocurrency interest rate swaps on Ethereum.